Niir'ithgaal Ghorgorl Kanash



scope.png Accuracy – 2
speech.jpg Communication – 1
hea.jpg Constitution – 5
hand.png Dexterity – 4
fist.png Fighting – 5
brain.png Intelligence – 1
eye.png Perception – 3
str.png Strength – 5
will.png Willpower – 2

heart.png 74 / 105

Level: 7

Race: Saneth

Awesome Point: 1

berserk.jpg Berserker

Background: Exile, Wanderer

fast.png Speed: 9
tar.png Armor Rating: 8
def.png Defense: 18 (Shield) / 14 (No Shield)

tran.png Languages: Saneth + Sen


  • Fighting (Heavy Blades)
  • Fighting (Polearms)
  • Constitution (Stamina)
  • Strength (Climbing)
  • Strength (Might)
  • Dexterity (Initiative)
  • Perception (Searching)
  • Perception (Hearing)
  • Perception (Seeing)

Class Powers

  • You can drive yourself into a killing frenzy. First you must use the Activate action to become Berserk. You receive a +2 bonus on Willpower (Courage) and Willpower (Morale) tests while Berserk. You also receive a +3 bonus on your damage rolls in melee combat. However, you suffer a –1 penalty to Defence and to Perception tests while Berserk. You return to normal at the end of the encounter or if you force yourself out of your berserk state with another Activate action.


  • Single Weapon Style (Journeyman)
    • +2 Defense when 1 Handing
  • Two-Hander Style (Journeyman)
    • When I hit I can make the enemy prone.
    • I can mighty blow for 1 stunt point
  • Weapon and Shield Style (Novice)

Primary: Constitution, Dexterity, Fighting, and Strength

Secondary: Accuracy, Communication, Intelligence, Perception, and Willpower

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Axes, Heavy Blades, Spears, or Staves

rope.jpg Silk Rope (60ft)
backpack.jpg Backpack
cloak.jpg Traveler’s Garb
waterskin.jpg Waterskin
armor.jpg Light Plate Armor [E]
owl.png Baby Owl (Henry)
attaris.jpg Attaris Sword [E]
shield.jpg Heavy Shield [E]
halbred.png Black Obsidian Halberd [E]
g.jpg 20
s.png 7
download.png 5


Name: Niir’ithgaal Ghorgorl Kanash (Niir)
Age: 86587

It was during my 26th Millennium when I first realised what I was becoming, the disgust and disappointment in Kirrith’s eyes as he looked upon the horror I had unleashed before me; from mounds of mangled carapaces and spiny limbs, terrible chittering and screeches echo among the dunes of the dessert. I had a thirst for power, for conquest. My whims became law to my kin who loyally followed – and often suffered – in my wake. It was in that moment of clarity I truly saw what I was becoming – in the eyes of my love I saw the truth.

Kirrith never looked at me the same after that day, I knew from that moment on we could never go back to how we were. The following decades I spent travelling the wastes, seeking solitude in an attempt to stifle my darkest desires. Though it was not easy, the absence of my kin was enough to dull the desires which previously burned so fierce.

Eventually I stumble upon a forest, upon entering I knew this was the place I would remain until my solitude comes to an end and my kin inevitably stumble upon my sanctuary – or so I thought. I noticed something strange whilst observing the forest from my earthen abode, I have been witness to the natural cycle of life in the wilds for thousands of generations. This was different, the trees I fell to keep my hearth warm never replenished, my need for sustenance disappeared and the Owl Chicks that shared my home never seemed to grow.

I waited, and waited – for 50 years I watched those owls. Each day I gaze upon their never changing coats, their parents everliving and the absence of food heightened my concerns of time not being what I had grown to know.

It is my responsibility to restore order to my sanctuary, my decision to leave Kanash – my abode – was not one I took lightly. The world has changed since I entered solitude, strange beings called “humans” have come into power. I first came upon these humans on the outskirts of a small town, they call Yulnin – at first I was suspicious, I thought perhaps these strange creatures had something to do with the temporal fault being experienced. It did not take me long to determine that suspicion to be rendered foolish, these beings have neither the skill, power, knowledge or discipline to affect such things; this being said, they have piqued my interest.

My presence was met with the familiar gaze of bewilderment mixed with fear, and strangely – curiosity; I quickly discovered these humans are inquisitive creatures. It was not long before a representative of their empire appeared before me, he guided me to his home before bombarding me with what I thought at the time were demands, or rules – their language strange and twisted, it grates on me to this day. The following months I spent learning more about these creatures, learning their language, culture and lore – there are a few interesting features and events in their records but unfortunately largely uninteresting; I shared some choice information with this Shen Xi – the most useful exchange was that of this “Khronas’ Slumber”, it seems the reasons I have ventured to this place is a global event.

And now, it is time to make my leave. I have learned all I can from Shen Xi, I must continue on my travels; when the morning comes I will pay my final visit – perhaps he knows where best to venture next.

Niir'ithgaal Ghorgorl Kanash

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