Meng Jie (Deceased)

Arcane Scholar who is fascinated with the Planar realms



Accuracy: 1
Communication: 3
Constitution: 0
Dexterity: 1
Fighting: 0
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 2
Strength: 0
Willpower: 3

Armour rating: +2
HP: 33

Focus: Willpower (self discipline)
Focus: Constitution (stamina)
Focus: Intelligence (Arcane lore)
Focus: Healing
Focus: Persuasion
Focus: Intelligence (Historical Lore)

Lore (Novice)
Portal Expertise(Novice)

Speaks Aigahr and the language of Qi’an

0gp 0sp 0cp

Backpack, traveler’s cloak, water skin, Quarterstaff
10 pages, ink black, quill
tent small
3 torch
2 books on border skirmish
translation book
random jewlery

Crossbow + 20 bolts (minor reload) (2d6 + 1)


  • Master Planar Travel
  • Attune to all known planes
  • Scout Sarn Volent to see whats become of his people

Race bonuses (applied where applicable)
-+1 willpower
- Stamina

Middle class – Apprentice (Focus – Intelligence (arcane lore)


Meng Jie was found abandoned in a farm in Yulnin by the resident Sarressin family, who took him in and raised him. It’s unclear where he would’ve come from, while there are a few Aigahr in the area Meng Jie appears to be too young to have been from one of the clans they came from.

Although clearly a member of the worker caste, Meng was always more interested in the scholarly arts than in physical labour. He spent much of his youth learning of the history of Qian, and of the ancient conflict between his people and his foster parents. He learned of the sad fate of his people on this plane, but accepted it. There didn’t seem much point fretting over things that couldn’t be changed.

Some time after the fall, a travelling mage came to the town on the hunt for those gifted with the arcane. Meng, as it turned out, was the only candidate and for many years the experienced mage took him under his wing as an apprentice. The world seemed to open up to young Meng, who was fascinated with all aspects of this new skill. As he learned more and more about the ways of magic, and how it relates to the different planes, he became particularly interested in the possibility of visiting other worlds. In particular, he wondered what had become of the ancient war of his people in their home realm. Did it still rage? Will his kind survive somewhere, if not here?

After working as an apprentice for nearly a year, his tutor deemed him ready to work on his own and left to find new proteges. Since then, Meng has been for the most part hitting the books. Honing his arcane talent and trying to find all the information he can on trans planar travel. Meng volunteered for the mayor’s expedition to the nearby Saneth ruins, hoping to find some writings on magic amongst them. So far he’s come back empty handed but he holds out hope that there may be something still hidden there.

Between the horrors that he’d committed as part of the quest, and the hopelessness of his situation, Meng had long resigned himself to not surviving to see the conspiracy revealed. After a difficult fight with the Hangzhou squad, when he’d nearly died, he was then confronted by an Ashen Hunter and bodyguard. With his last breath, he channeled as magic as he dared into a powerful blast, taking out 4 guard. His last thoughts were in hope that his actions will allow his comrades to continue their difficult fight, but alas he’ll never find out.

Meng Jie (Deceased)

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