Marija Tomaschek

Fire mage and paladin of the Twin Dragons of Chance


Accuracy: 3
Communication: 3
Constitution: 0
Dexterity: 3
Fighting: 1
Intelligence: 2
Perception: 1
Strength: 1
Willpower: 4

HP: 38
Defence: 14
Armour: 3

Accuracy (Light Blades)
Communications (Deception)
Intelligence (Cultural Lore)
Communications (Persuasion)
Perception (Empathy)
Communications (Gambling)
Intelligence (Arcane Law)
Dexterity (Initiative)

Linguistics (Novice): Speaks Hangzhao
Contacts (Novice): You can attempt to make a contact out of a NPC with a successful Communication (Persuasion) test. The GM will set the target number based on the likelihood of you knowing the NPC or having mutual friends. The more distant the NPC’s homeland or social class from yours, the more difficult the test will be. A contact will be friendly to you, but won’t go out of the way to help you without additional motivation. You can’t make a contact out of a NPC who already dislikes you or is an enemy.

Sword Mage (Novice): Am trained in Short swords
(Journeyman): can add willpower to damage for the sword

Marija is perfectly aware of how odd it is for a church primarily focussed on luck to train up a holy warrior, even if she fights more with the elements than the sword. She wishes to uncover the true purpose of her training, and to fulfil it. If she doesn’t, than what is the point of her?

The church has many secrets. This doesn’t bother Marija, all effective organisations have their own share of secrets. She does however care that she isn’t in on them. As she spends time gathering information for her superiors, she also tries to simultaneously gather more information on them.

Related to the previous, she only has the churches word that her parents are safe and that she was given up to the church willingly. She doesn’t particularly distrust the church on this, but she’d like to verify it for herself. After all these years though, she doesn’t think she’d recognise them if she met them and she can’t remember where they lived. Any attempt to track them down has been stymied somewhat by the church keeping her out of Okorsk with a constant series of assignments.

Last, but not least, the world has stagnated since the slumber. Everyone seems to be doing what they can to keep the world safe, consistent, and boring. Marija seeks to spread anarchy, along with the word of her gods, in order to shake up the situation a bit (part of why she is drawn to those accused of treason in Hangzhao). If she can figure out how to end the slumber, she would, as she believes this safe, sad behaviour would end if the slumber did.

Equipment (26g 9sp 5cp):
Travelers Garb
Short sword (1d6+2)
Tent, small
Light Leather

Standing at 5’8, Marija is on the tall side for a human woman. Cool blue eyes failing entirely to reflect her hot tempered attitude; and short, brown hair, not so much styled as singed due to the frequent and not particularly careful use of fire for dramatic effect. When combined with her stocky (but not thick) build and not being the most curvey priestess at the church, gives her a tom boyish image.

Her leather armour hangs pretty tight on her, with the armour around her shoulders being more burned than boiled. Other than the self inflicted damage, its pretty unscathed as most people know better than to mess with a mage. Especially one with as carefree an attitude towards precision as Marija.

Human (+1 Int, Accuracy (light blades), Speaks Karovan, +1 Accuracy, Focus Comm(deception))
Background: Initiate (Intelligence (religious lore))


Marija was born to a moderately wealthy family in the trading town of Okorsk in the Duchy of Korova. Her parents, wanting to secure her a comfortable future took her to be tested by the local church to see if she had what it took to be a priestess. The church accepted her application, and thats how at the young age of 8 Marija became a member of the Church of the Twin Dragons of Chance.

Her affinity to the realm of fire was evident early on, and her constant pranks and fights with other trainees indicated to her teachers that she would be an excellent candidate for paladin training. The church quickly found a teacher of the arcane to help her hone her skills, and the local captain of the guard was payed good money to teach her the way of the sword (and to not tell anyone what he was doing).

It took 6 years of hard work, but eventually Marija reached the point that her teachers could train her anymore. That year, she was part of the Churches public priestess acceptance ceremony to the applause of the people of her town and her parents, Behind closed doors, she was also armed, and given the title of paladin. She left Okorsk, and the church where she spent most of her youth, with the instruction to spread the faith and to further improve her skills when she could.

At the age of 18, she made her way to capital of Korova, Narva. In her travels she’d discovered writing on magic and her nations history written by a famous mage, and she’d tracked down his current address. Dobrin Wach was initially unwilling to help train her, Korova not having the best gender equality, and Marija having not been born male. However, with the help of the church and being able to prove her own already formidable skills, he finally caved and agreed to take her on as an apprentice.

She worked with Dobrin for a few years, until the church made contact with her again to give her a new assignment. While she still had much to learn from the veteran mage, she was more than happy to go having long gotten bored of his stuffy attitude.

She spent many years going from assignment to assignment, sometimes spending time as an enforcer for one of the churches many gambling houses, sometimes hunting down threats to the church or those the church wishes to protect. Some time after the fall she found herself overseeing the gambling houses the church owned in Qi’an. Turns out, its easy to convince people to pay their debts while holding a sword wreathed in flames, not once having to to actually hurt anyone.

Her task in Qi’an was two fold. As well as overseeing their business operations, the church had asked her to keep an ear to the ground for unusual activity. Marija wasn’t informed of exactly what she was listening for, but her own research had revealed the connection between Hangzhao’s government and the Ashen Hunters during their last war with the nation of her birth. The Ashen Hunter’s were a natural enemy of the church of the twin dragons, being an order of dragon slayers who’d killed many of her gods kin.

Unusual activity doesn’t even begin to describe the events she’d heard about recently. First, the unexpected death of a small town mayor (which wouldn’t normally be news, but death had become so rare that any became newsworthy). Second, the mass migration of people to a mining town on the countries border. Last but not least, the great fire of the administrative district. Those accused of the fire, having been accused of every crime under both the sun and the moon, aroused her interest. Had the years of eternal stagnation finally caught up to them and caused them to snap? Or, had they uncovered something that necessitated a heist and an arson attack on their own countries. It seemed like this was as good a time as any to turn in a report to the churches administration in Narva, and to get guidance from the church on what to do next.

Marija Tomaschek

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