Yuta Koyomi (RETIRED)

A firebrand chasing the sun


Accuracy: 5
Communication: 0
Constitution: 2
Dexterity: 3
Fighting: 1
Intelligence: 0
Perception: 2
Strength: 4
Willpower: 2

Level: 7
Health: 69
Armour: 7
Defence: 14
Speed: 13

Race: Aigahr
Lower Class
Class: Warrior
Background: Soldier
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light Blades, Staves, Spears, Heavy Blades.

Perception (Searching)
Strength (Climbing)
Willpower (Self Discipline)
Accuracy (Brawling)
Dexterity (Riding)
Dexterity (Lock Picking)
Perception (Hearing)
Perception (Seeing)
Strength (Might)
Dexterity (Stealth)
Intelligence (Healing)

Armour Training (Novice) Can wear leather and mail armour without dex penalty.
Quick Reflexes (Journeyman) Can use Ready as a Free Action once a turn, can go Prone and Stand Up for free.
Unarmed Style (Master) 1d6 punching damage, use Knock Prone Stunt for 1 Stunt Point. +2 on Disarm checks, cannot be disarmed.
Throwing Style (Novice) +1 Attack with all throwing weapons.
Level 7 Warrior: Threaten for 1 Stunt Point

Berserker: Journeyman
Use Activate action to become Berserk. Receive a +2 bonus on Willpower (Courage) and Willpower (Morale) tests while Berserk, also receive a +3 bonus on your damage rolls in melee combat. However, you suffer a –1 penalty to Defense and to Perception tests.

Ashen Katana Acc 2d6 + 2 Damage
Grindstones for Katana maintenance.
Black Knight Greatsword 3D6 + 2 attack.
Shit ton of government meeting scrolls from 263 AKS
Traveller’s Garb
Winter Traveller’s Garb
Heavy Shield

28 Gold. 18 Silver Pieces


Adolescence is a difficult time. Harder still when it’s been going on for 263 years. This is the continuing bane of Koyomi Yuta’s existence, trapped at the age of seventeen forever. With hormones perpetually pumping around his system with nowhere to go, the self-assured invincibility of youth has never faded in him, creating an Aigahr unlike most, brash and hot blooded in the face of his calmer peers. Such a plight is not without sympathy, and the elders of Koyomi’s hive have done their best to temper the fire of his soul, substituting the experience of age with the ways of meditation to achieve inner peace and the strength of an adult with the lithe precision of marital arts. But these cures were a poor salve in the face of the knowledge that he would forever be looked upon a child regardless of how many frozen years pass, never to be respected as a man of his people.

That bitterness can be found at the root of Koyomi’s life and dreams as he works with his hive as a highly efficient engine of construction in Yulnin, the combination of heavy lifting and community assistance easing the pain somewhat, such as when they assisted in the mayor’s excavation plans. As such, it is not unheard of for him to take on tasks simply too much for him in the name of pride, or jumping at shadows in the hopes of uncovering some evildoer that he can be praised for defeating. While he loves his home, his greatest dream is to leave it and undertake a hunt that would leave no doubts as to his status as a man: finding one of the lost Aigahr Queens.

After seeing Meng sacrifice himself to damage the Ashen Hunter, Koyomi has been sobered somewhat to the reality of fighting and filled with a burning vengeance in Meng’s name, and the name of his dying people. Whatever the Ashen Hunter’s plans, they will pay for pursuing the party for so long.

Entering the war has granted Koyomi his wish: he can no longer see himself as a child, and can ignore the taunts of any who would imply otherwise. But the lessons of boyhood have been lost in exchange, one death spilling out into many, including those also caught up in the schemes of the Ashen Hunters.

Fun fact: Bug Types are weak to Rock Type attacks

Yuta Koyomi (RETIRED)

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