Zeng Gongliang

Arbalist from a strange world


Accuracy – 5
Communication – 2
Constitution -0
Dexterity – 5
Fighting – 2
Intelligence – 4
Perception – 2
Strength – 1
Willpower – 2

Health: 50/50

Level: 7

Race:Sen Eran

Class: Rogue

Background: Middle Class, Merchant

Speed: 15
Armor Rating: 5
Defense: 15

Languages: Human + Sen

Accuracy (Bows)
Accuracy (Black Powder)
Perception (Tracking)
Perception (Seeing)
Communication (Deception)
Dexterity (Crafting)
Constitution (Running)
Intelligence (Navigation)
Intelligence (Healing)

Class Powers:

Pinpoint Attack: Once per round, you can add 1d6 to the damage of a successful attack if your Dexterity is greater than your opponent’s.

Rogue’s Armor: You are at home in leather armor. You can ignore the Armor Penalty of leather armor altogether. It affects neither your Speed nor your Dexterity.

Stunt Bonus: You become more adept at finding the weak spots in your opponents’ armor. You can perform the Pierce Armor stunt for 1 SP instead of the usual 2.

Take Aim: When you take the Aim action, you gain +2 on the attack roll instead of the normal +1.

Stunning Attack: You can daze opponents with sharp blows to vulnerable areas. To make a stunning attack, you must use the Aim action and then hit with a Melee or a Ranged Attack. If successful, you inflict no damage but your opponent must make a successful TN 15 Constitution (Stamina) test or become stunned. Stunned opponents can attempt the test again at the start of their turn, and if successful can act normally. Otherwise, stunned characters can only take a single Move action on their turn. While your opponent is stunned, you can use Pinpoint Attacks against them with no regard for Dexterity. Stunts are possible on your initial attack roll, so you could stun your opponent and then use lightning
attack for an immediate pinpoint attack, for example.


Novice: You can use the lay of the land to your advantage. If you fail a Dexterity (Stealth) test, you can re-roll it, but you must keep the results of the second roll.

Archery Style:
Novice: You know how to punish enemies who get too close When shooting a bow or crossbow at an enemy within 6 yards of you, you inflict +1 damage.

Journeyman: Due to long hours of practice, you can reload faster than common bowmen. You can Reload a bow as a free action and a crossbow as a minor action.

Master: When shooting a bow or crossbow, you can perform the Lightning Attack stunt for 2 stunt points instead of the usual 3. (If you are using a crossbow you’ll also need to perform a Rapid Reload stunt to take advantage of this benefit, since you must have a loaded weapon to use Lightning Attack.)



Novice: You can assess a nearby opponent and spot weaknesses to exploit in combat. With an Activate action you can Mark for Death a visible target within 10 yards of you.All ranged and melee attacks against a target marked for death receive a +1 damage bonus. The Mark lasts until the end of the encounter, the target is slain, or you pick a new target with another Activate action. You can’t maintain active Marks on multiple targets at the same time. A single character cannot be Marked for Death more than once in the same encounter.

Journeyman: You know how to exploit your target’s weaknesses. When you make a Pinpoint Attack against an opponent you have marked for death, you inflict an extra 1d6 damage.

Primary: Accuracy, Communication, Dexterity, and Perception

Secondary: Constitution, Fighting, Intelligence, Strength, and Willpower

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light Blades, Staves, Bows, Black Powder

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9 s.png
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Traveler’s Garb
Mastercrafted Heavy Leather Armor
Repeater Crossbow (Can be reloaded as a minor action)
Katana (Acc, 2d6+2)


Before the slumber Zeng and his brothers where hunters, specializing in killing creatures which had lost their fear of humanoids. Rabid tigers and wolves felled quickly to precision crossbow bolts.

After the slumber their profession was forever changed. With killing made taboo, these deranged creatures how had to be captured and sent away for treatment and study. The trill of the hunt was gone, the poor creatures left to rot in their insanity until the end of time.

Zeng’s two younger brothers, Ding and Renzong, grew increasingly agitated as the years wore by. Being unable to sate their bloodlust for such a long time eventually made them snap. They tracked and killed a white tiger, rare even before the slumber. Unable to keep their pride in check, bragging lead to the discovery of their crime. Townsfolk beat the brothers to near death and sent them away to prison in the capital, to rot like the animals they captured years ago.

In an attempt to redeem this family name and the hunting profession, Zeng found a new use for his skills. With no new animals being born, every animal become valuable. Zeng focuses his efforts in cataloging all the wild animals around Yulnin. Keeping track of roaming packs and herds, assuring predators never settled near their pray, and returning the sad news of any creature’s demise.

Zeng has been selling his services to Yulnin and nearby towns since his brothers incineration. Despite the lack of need to kill, Zeng still practices archery, often impressing with trickshots or otherworldly accuracy. Recently Zeng came upon an Arquebus and a store of blackpowder. Delighted to finally find something which was unheard of in his homeland, Zeng devoted his spare time to making fireworks for celebrations, small explosives to scare beasts and help with mining or excavations or practicing his marksmanship. Although a master of the crossbow, Zeng’s skill with the powerful rifle is embarrassingly lacking.

Zeng sometimes partakes in small amounts of mischief. His exotic appearance and words allow his to easily manipulate the weaker minded of the townsfolk. An advantage often used to get a few extra coins from a deal or lead a women to his bed.

While Zeng has built up a good life in Yulnin; deep inside him the same bloodlust that took his brothers has begun to sprout its roots and no distraction can soothe the feeling gnawing at his soul.

Zeng Gongliang

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